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The History Behind Custom Coins

From television to people you meet throughout the day, it is hard not to spot at least one or two of those custom coins or medallions pinned on a person’s shirt or bag. Often, you might see these on the uniforms of police officers and guards and you might assume “Oh, it must be some kind of reward for serving the public or it must be something that shows their ranking” and all and that is more or less right.

But where did these coins come from? Is it something that has been present ever since or did it just pop up recently? And what is the real purpose of these coins? What do they mean?

First and foremost, these coins are actually called challenge coins. They have a few other names that had popped up over the years from military coins to medallions and their purpose in the past is almost similar to how it is used now.

Their history is traced back to the Roman Empire when the government rewarded their soldiers with these coins for their achievements, usually after a battle has taken place. The warrior gets his salary and a separate coin bearing the mark of the society or legion it was from. Instead of spending these coins, soldiers used it as a memento to remember their act of bravery.

custom military coins

No one can really pinpoint the date or era these custom coins really came to be. During the Roman times, the soldiers only used it as a memento. However, it was not officially called challenge coins until recent history. The earliest history people can trace when it comes to the use of challenge coins was during the First World War.

In 1917, American volunteers made up the flying squadrons and in one squadron, a lieutenant ordered solid bronze medallions to give them to his unit. This saved a young pilot’s life after it became a reason for his execution to be delayed when the French saw the squadron insignia on his medallion and realized that he was not a saboteur.

Military Coins

There were other stories that claim that there were other events wherein challenge coins was first used. There were stories that dates back toWorld War II that challenges the story above. One of these stories was set in the Philippines wherein an American soldier carried a solid silver coin he got from the country and it was stamped with the unit insignia on one side. He would present this to the guerrillas to assure that the soldier was a valid contact for a mission against the Japanese.

Another story set during the second World War claims that challenge coins were first used by an Office of the Strategic Service personnel who was deployed in France while the Nazi has overtaken the country.

History mostly points to the military when it comes to when challenge coins were first used, hence the reason why some call it “military coins”. Eventually, the military were not the only ones who uses these challenge coins any longer. The government also uses these coins and afterwards, even everyday people can now use these coins.

Eventually, challenge coins did not only show a person’s association to an organization or cause. It also can be used to show support. As how it was used by the Romans, it can also be used to award someone.

Custom Coins

Nowadays, with how much people are using these coins, many companies and shops offers services wherein they can produce custom coins. One of these companies is wherein you can have the challenge coin you are looking for custom made for your organization, cause or company. Most importantly, this particular manufacturer is capable of handling large orders, and they specialize in keeping costs low.

These services that offer people a way to customize their own challenge coin are given the comfort of doing it without getting up from their seat. The company even gives you the convenience to know more about the pricing. Custom coins gives you the freedom to design the exact challenge coin you are looking for, from the material down to its color.

Although it seems the military are the ones that benefit the most from these challenge coins, anyone can wear one. Whether you are aiming to support an organization or spread news and awareness on a particular cause or belief, these coins have the ability to sum up the company or the organization’s identity and mission in something that it not even bigger than a person’s thumb.

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When You’re Thinking long island real estate, It’s in Dreamy Montauk

If you’re a fan of swimming, fishing and history, Montauk, New York has some of the best long island real estate you could ever imagine. Nesting in the east tip of the South Shore, the small town of Montauk is a tourist favorite for its homey restaurants, warm summers, and fresh fish. With approximately 1,000 families, Montauk is a cozy and lively town to settle down for the years to come. Or, you could build a new life here. Montauk has a lot to offer to everyone.

A rich history

Montauk has some of the richest history offered to interested individuals looking for long island real estate. Its name is derived from the Montaukett, a fishing tribe who resided in the area long before it was first explored in the 17th century. Booming with culture and long tales of epic battles, the Montaukett’s relics and settlement ruins are protected in the Theodore Roosevelt County Park, just a short drive east from the Montauk proper.

Due to its convenient location at the eastern tip of the south side of Long Island, Montauk became a booming port for foreign trade especially with the British in the 18th century. Trade was heavy as ships seeking to land on the New York Harbor had to pass by Montauk as they approached the Hudson River. Because of the strong winter winds at this time, ships looking to pass through to reach the New York harbor had difficulty maneuvering along the south shore at night. This prompted the construction of the Montauk Point Light, which was the first lighthouse to ever be built in the New York state. Up to now, the Montauk Point Light still stands tall on Turtle Hill, towering over the beach town. Residents and tourists regularly visit the site after having been converted into a historical museum.

Residents in Montauk as well as history buffs can take a walk through the town and soak up all the stories Montauk has to offer. In terms of the houses themselves, most homes are contemporary in built and mostly overlook the beach. But, interestingly, two hundred Leisure homes, the Andrew Geller-designed prefabricated houses, were installed in the 1960s at Culloden Point. These houses, while still overlooking the beach, give a warm sense of déjà vu with their classic 60s aesthetic.

Sweet living

montaukWhile Montauk has boomed into an exquisite vacation spot for tourists with an eye for fine waves and fine food, many of the Montauk’s traditional charms still exist. Be it high end restaurants with lobster rolls or hot homey meals served at quiet kitchens, take your pick. Montauk has got it all.

If you decide to move into some of the finest long island real estate in Montauk, whether close to nature or near the busy downtown, there are much to see and many to do nearby. Small-time movie theaters, drug stores, and restaurants are scattered across Montauk. Some of these go back a decade or two, and they garnish a soulful atmosphere to sunny town. If you’re into big buys and fancy eats, Montauk has them too. The diversity of choices is what draws many tourists to this side of Long Island.

For fun, if you’re a bit traditional, you could go boating off to the waters of Montauk and catch some fish. The town is notorious for its recreational fishing, boasting a wide list of records for saltwater fishing. If you’ve heard of “monster fishing,” Montauk is home to that. The people of Long Island know that life is at the beach and waters. If you’re the same, whether your pick is fishing, swimming, surfing, sailing or sunbathing, this is the place to be.

People who would rather interact with the marine life up close can opt to go scuba diving or snorkeling. June marks the start of diving season, and those interested can look at the various schools of fish in the Montauk waters until October. You could also see a variety of sand sharks, corals, lobsters and eels. Of course, the more adventurous folks might enjoy the thrill of shark cages.

Montauk also has six state parks for picnics, trekking, bird watching or other nature activities. Skiing is also available during winter.

Young or old, people from all walks of life could enjoy the sights, sounds, and activities found in Montauk. This is what makes it home to some of the best long island real estate. Whether you’re a fan of history, nature, sport or luxury, Montauk is a dream come true.

Golf Equipment from Tee to Green

When players hit their first shot in every hole, they bend over to set up the ball. Below the ball is probably one of the smallest golf equipment that has ever been invented-the tee.

Usually made of plastic or wood and should be at the most 4 inches in height help support the golf ball. When placed on the ground the tee’s height should vary and would be reliant on which club the player is using. Tees were used as early as 1889 and were redesigned throughout the years.

golfAnother piece of golf equipment players cannot do without during a game is the golf bag. It was used as early as the year 1900 and different types have been developed to suit any golfer’s style of play.

Then there are the golf carts, which are used by players if they are playing a long course. Golf bags, players and even caddies could be accommodated at the same time to be able to get to the ball faster and hit that next shot. Golf carts are not allowed on PGA Tour events and players are only allowed to walk.

There are also hand carts, which allow players to easily move around the course while their bags are being towed through hand carts.

Just in case players decide to play on a gloomy day and it starts to rain while they are on the course, the golf umbrella is the best golf equipment to keep them dry. Bigger than the usual umbrella that people use on the streets, it can keep both the players and their bags dry. When there is a downpour during professional tournaments, caddies usually hold the umbrella for the players before they take the shot or while they are lining up for a putt.

In connection with bad weather, players are only allowed to clean the ball on the green. Players always need to have a cleaning rug to wipe off the dirt and mud that has accumulated on the ball. This will give the player a better chance of the ball to roll smoothly into the cup.

Before a player is allowed to lift his ball to clean it, or set it up on the green, he has to place a ball marker on the exact position or right behind where the golf ball is located. It is another tiny piece of golf equipment that comes in handy most of the time. Upon returning the ball, he must position it first at the same spot where he picked it up then remove the marker. There are specially designed ball markers but coins are also acceptable to use.

The divot tool is used to fix points of impact of a golf ball to the green which happens usually during an approach shot. Repairing a divot will allow the grass to grow faster.

Club head covers are very visible nowadays among players. It helps avoid the clubs from bumping into each other and avoid scratches. Usually it is the driver, fairway woods and putter that need to be protected. Covers also keep the clubs weather proof at all times.

Another important tool for golfers is the score card.

golf gameIn order to keep track of how well their games are going they have to record it through the use of a score card. The good thing about it is that players could also keep track of their flight mates’ scores on their own score cards and vice versa.

Since there have been rulings on what golf shoes to wear in the past years, it has become an important part of a golf equipment. It used to be shoes with metal spikes underneath so it could penetrate the grass especially in wet conditions, but now some courses do not allow it anymore since it ruins the greens of the golf course. Players are now allowed to use plastic spikes or spike less golf shoes on the course. If still there is confusion you can visit

Having a wide array of golf equipment while on the course assures the players that they could be flexible in any weather and at any given situation while on they are on the golf course.

PCB Fabrication Costs

    • If you are a manufacturer who plans to launch a new product or an independent inventor who wishes to sell your most recent gadget, you need to get involved in PCB fabrication. PCBs or printed circuit boards are very important in today’s modern world. Nearly everything uses these boards. Traditionally, PCBs only have one layer. Over time, PCBs improved and became multilayered. Multilayered PCBs are able to accommodate more components in a smaller space.


    • If you are worried about incurring large expenses, do not worry because modern PCB fabrication is inexpensive, thanks to its advanced technology. Also, there are a lot of companies that offer printed circuit board fabrication services, so you will not have a hard time looking for one. The more these companies become available, the lesser the prices of multilayer printed circuit board fabrication become. The price goes down as time passes by.


    • pcbIf you need a four-layer PCB for a simple home equipment, it is alright if you do not have special tools. The design is not that complicated anyway. Nonetheless, you need to pay a setup fee to the engineers who will be working on the project. Usually, the setup fee is about $200 and is necessary to set up the printing machines. If your PCB design is more complicated, you may need to pay more.


    • With regard to the cost of PCB fabrication, there are a few factors that you have to consider. For instance, the quality and size of the materials can affect your total costs. The number of holes that have to be drilled can also determine the price. Take note that just like any other printing work your total costs can decrease if you order a lot of products. So basically, your order volume can directly affect your total cost.


    • In general, materials that have a high temperature cost more than regular materials. You should not hesitate to pay a high price if you expect your product to be of high quality. If you go for low quality materials, you will also have a low quality output. When it comes to PCB fabrication, you should keep in mind that cheap is not necessarily good. It is better to transact with a company that has a good reputation in fabricating printed circuit boards. Go for one with an excellent track record.


    • Then again, this does not mean that all startup companies are no good. There are new companies that start off well. However, there are also new entrepreneurs who attempt to cut costs by outsourcing their printed circuit board fabrication to unreliable companies. They may save some money by doing this, but they also risk the quality of the output. In the end, they will lose more money because customers may no longer order from them.


    • If you want to find a good company that fabricates printed circuit boards, you should get personal references. You can ask friends, colleagues, or even family members if they knew anyone in the business. If you cannot get any referrals, you can try searching online on Look for reviews in forums that are frequented by people interested in printed circuit board fabrication.


    • Ideally, you should choose a company that can produce prototypes in less than forty-eight hours. They should also make use of the latest technology in order to reduce production errors. PCBs with minimal trace spacing, especially, need to be handled with utmost care. PCBs with small dimensions, on the other hand, should be handled with small drills and lasers. You should choose a company that uses a wide variety of drills, specialty tools, and surface finishes.


Introduction to Lanyards

The word lanyard comes from the French word “laniere,” which means thong or strap. Originally, lanyards were used to hold weapons, but as time passed by, people have developed different uses and functions for these accessories. If you’re curious about lanyards and you would like to know about their evolution, you better read on.

Those cords were first conceptualized in the seventeenth century, during which the Navy used them for securing important items. They often tied the cord to their pockets, or sometimes around their bodies. Soldiers also used it to form a case for small knives and whistles that they can use during emergency. Simply put, it became a significant component of their uniforms.

LanyardsAs years passed, lanyards evolved into art materials. Children during the 1950s were fond of weaving and knotting laces and strings, which later on, became a trend. Now, the lanyard is not only used by military personnel, but also by common people. It’s often seen around the neck or wrist attached to badges, keys, cell phones, and other things that needs to be kept secure.

People even wear lanyards at school, churches, hospitals, business, and companies. They’ve been widely used for identification and security purposes. Even though the cords were first used in the ancient times, they keep on developing in terms of appearance and purpose. Right now, lanyards can be customized because of the different materials available. Sellers have also thought of many ways to improve quality, as well as affordability.

Most common lanyards are flat and wide, which is why they do not easily tear and snap. There are also different types of add-on hooks that can hold all sorts of items. Key rings, bulldog clips, cell phone loops, swivel J hooks, and thumb triggers are just a few examples of such hooks. You can choose whatever is appropriate for your item.

A lanyard usually consists of fabric materials like cotton and polyester, which you can wash once in a while. These fabrics will not cause irritation or allergy. Therefore, you can conclude that the components of lanyards are useful not only for employees and students, but also for those with special medical needs.

Lanyards can be customized in different ways to convey what you want to express and display to the public. If you’re planning to customize your own cords, keep in mind that the font is important. Moreover, you should choose designs that will help other people see the images and texts clearly.

ID Lanyards have proved their effectiveness since the ancient times. Children, adults, companies, and organizations still benefit from such cords’ functions today. Lanyards also keep on evolving, developing into something more useful. Before, these were just simple roles used for securing important items. Today, different types of designs, styles, and techniques have been developed.

Of course, lanyards have also benefited from innovations in the world of printing, particularly from these three:

1. Silkscreen Printing –

This is a manual way of printing designs. It is used in marking shirts, tote bags, and other products. Even if it’s somewhat complicated to use, you can be sure of its quality because the inks are totally absorbed in the strings and laces. It is also less expensive compared to other techniques.

2. Full-coloring –

This is used by those who prioritize clarity and accuracy in design. If you want to achieve the closest shade, you can use this technique because it involves a wider range of colors.

3. Embossing –

This is the simplest printing option. There are machines and equipment that will help in embossing texts and designs faster. This is mostly used on metal and leather. If you also want to have a 3D design, this is the best option.

Now that you have a much greater appreciation of these useful and customizable accessories, probably it’s about time that you invest in a few pieces to find out firsthand what makes them tick.

What Makes an Employee Engagement Survey Fail?

forttagThe main objective of an employee engagement survey is to help the company in identifying problem areas that may be causing the lack of drive among employees despite the impeccable salary and benefits provided. The fact is, financial stability is not the only factor that makes an employee develop a healthy attitude towards his work and the company where he is employed. A chance to grow professionally, good relations with co-workers and managers, an open line of communication within the organization, and proper actions toward good or poor performance matter as well. Information about these aspects is what an employee engagement survey intends to provide and that information is further used to improve certain areas of the management and the organization.

Unfortunately, conducting an employee engagement survey does not necessarily mean that it will achieve its objective. This failure can be attributed to the following factors.

Improper Conduct of Survey

An engagement survey is often conducted by a third-party service to avoid additional workload on the company’s staff members and to avoid bias. Although most of these providers are highly experienced in this task, they do have different methodologies and some may not work for your organization. For instance, for large companies with numerous departments, the survey will bring better results if they were segmented in relation to every group or business unit. One set of questionnaires does not work for all. Hence, a thorough study must be done first before designing the questionnaire for each team or individual.

Results are Not Promptly Relayed to the Company

The results of an employee engagement survey can have more use if interpreted and handled immediately. The point is, the employees’ attitude toward their jobs is not static. It can be influenced by a number of factors, such as a sudden promotion, problems at home, or an unexpected disagreement with a co-worker. The more time it takes for the results to come back, the more meaningless the company’s action would be in remedying the situation. The disagreement between two employees may have already resolved itself weeks before the results came in. Hence, any action done to mend it will be unnecessary and will just be a waste of time.

Results are Not Divulged to the Managers

This is a big mistake that, unfortunately, some executives of a few companies do commit. Through a simple analysis, it can easily be ascertained that managers are the most capable of improving employee engagement. First of all, their relationship and the way they handle their subordinates is a huge factor towards how staff members view their work. Second, they can directly encourage employees to develop a healthier attitude towards their jobs. They also act as middlemen between the employees and the executives. In other words, they play a crucial role in the organization. They can help a lot in employee engagement if they only know its current status, which is provided by the results of the survey.

Not Taking the Employee Engagement Survey Seriously

The sad fact is that there are companies that conduct a survey just so they can say that they have done it, either to appease their employees, to show it off to their competitors, or in a bid to pass a certification. Staff members will eventually realize the lack of action from the management and that can worsen the situation, making the survey a mere waste of time and effort.

Talent ManagementIf you care about your company and its success, it is recommended that you conduct this engagement survey for the right reasons and with the intention of improving your organization. You have to remember that your success relies a lot on the intensity of dedication that your team and staff members exhibit in their jobs. Therefore, encourage that and ensure that it is maintained.