PCB Fabrication Costs

    • If you are a manufacturer who plans to launch a new product or an independent inventor who wishes to sell your most recent gadget, you need to get involved in PCB fabrication. PCBs or printed circuit boards are very important in today’s modern world. Nearly everything uses these boards. Traditionally, PCBs only have one layer. Over time, PCBs improved and became multilayered. Multilayered PCBs are able to accommodate more components in a smaller space.


    • If you are worried about incurring large expenses, do not worry because modern PCB fabrication is inexpensive, thanks to its advanced technology. Also, there are a lot of companies that offer printed circuit board fabrication services, so you will not have a hard time looking for one. The more these companies become available, the lesser the prices of multilayer printed circuit board fabrication become. The price goes down as time passes by.


    • pcbIf you need a four-layer PCB for a simple home equipment, it is alright if you do not have special tools. The design is not that complicated anyway. Nonetheless, you need to pay a setup fee to the engineers who will be working on the project. Usually, the setup fee is about $200 and is necessary to set up the printing machines. If your PCB design is more complicated, you may need to pay more.


    • With regard to the cost of PCB fabrication, there are a few factors that you have to consider. For instance, the quality and size of the materials can affect your total costs. The number of holes that have to be drilled can also determine the price. Take note that just like any other printing work your total costs can decrease if you order a lot of products. So basically, your order volume can directly affect your total cost.


    • In general, materials that have a high temperature cost more than regular materials. You should not hesitate to pay a high price if you expect your product to be of high quality. If you go for low quality materials, you will also have a low quality output. When it comes to PCB fabrication, you should keep in mind that cheap is not necessarily good. It is better to transact with a company that has a good reputation in fabricating printed circuit boards. Go for one with an excellent track record.


    • Then again, this does not mean that all startup companies are no good. There are new companies that start off well. However, there are also new entrepreneurs who attempt to cut costs by outsourcing their printed circuit board fabrication to unreliable companies. They may save some money by doing this, but they also risk the quality of the output. In the end, they will lose more money because customers may no longer order from them.


    • If you want to find a good company that fabricates printed circuit boards, you should get personal references. You can ask friends, colleagues, or even family members if they knew anyone in the business. If you cannot get any referrals, you can try searching online on pcbnet.com. Look for reviews in forums that are frequented by people interested in printed circuit board fabrication.


    • Ideally, you should choose a company that can produce prototypes in less than forty-eight hours. They should also make use of the latest technology in order to reduce production errors. PCBs with minimal trace spacing, especially, need to be handled with utmost care. PCBs with small dimensions, on the other hand, should be handled with small drills and lasers. You should choose a company that uses a wide variety of drills, specialty tools, and surface finishes.