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The History Behind Custom Coins

From television to people you meet throughout the day, it is hard not to spot at least one or two of those custom coins or medallions pinned on a person’s shirt or bag. Often, you might see these on the uniforms of police officers and guards and you might assume “Oh, it must be some kind of reward for serving the public or it must be something that shows their ranking” and all and that is more or less right.

But where did these coins come from? Is it something that has been present ever since or did it just pop up recently? And what is the real purpose of these coins? What do they mean?

First and foremost, these coins are actually called challenge coins. They have a few other names that had popped up over the years from military coins to medallions and their purpose in the past is almost similar to how it is used now.

Their history is traced back to the Roman Empire when the government rewarded their soldiers with these coins for their achievements, usually after a battle has taken place. The warrior gets his salary and a separate coin bearing the mark of the society or legion it was from. Instead of spending these coins, soldiers used it as a memento to remember their act of bravery.

custom military coins

No one can really pinpoint the date or era these custom coins really came to be. During the Roman times, the soldiers only used it as a memento. However, it was not officially called challenge coins until recent history. The earliest history people can trace when it comes to the use of challenge coins was during the First World War.

In 1917, American volunteers made up the flying squadrons and in one squadron, a lieutenant ordered solid bronze medallions to give them to his unit. This saved a young pilot’s life after it became a reason for his execution to be delayed when the French saw the squadron insignia on his medallion and realized that he was not a saboteur.

Military Coins

There were other stories that claim that there were other events wherein challenge coins was first used. There were stories that dates back toWorld War II that challenges the story above. One of these stories was set in the Philippines wherein an American soldier carried a solid silver coin he got from the country and it was stamped with the unit insignia on one side. He would present this to the guerrillas to assure that the soldier was a valid contact for a mission against the Japanese.

Another story set during the second World War claims that challenge coins were first used by an Office of the Strategic Service personnel who was deployed in France while the Nazi has overtaken the country.

History mostly points to the military when it comes to when challenge coins were first used, hence the reason why some call it “military coins”. Eventually, the military were not the only ones who uses these challenge coins any longer. The government also uses these coins and afterwards, even everyday people can now use these coins.

Eventually, challenge coins did not only show a person’s association to an organization or cause. It also can be used to show support. As how it was used by the Romans, it can also be used to award someone.

Custom Coins

Nowadays, with how much people are using these coins, many companies and shops offers services wherein they can produce custom coins. One of these companies is ChallengeCoins4Less.com wherein you can have the challenge coin you are looking for custom made for your organization, cause or company. Most importantly, this particular manufacturer is capable of handling large orders, and they specialize in keeping costs low.

These services that offer people a way to customize their own challenge coin are given the comfort of doing it without getting up from their seat. The company even gives you the convenience to know more about the pricing. Custom coins gives you the freedom to design the exact challenge coin you are looking for, from the material down to its color.

Although it seems the military are the ones that benefit the most from these challenge coins, anyone can wear one. Whether you are aiming to support an organization or spread news and awareness on a particular cause or belief, these coins have the ability to sum up the company or the organization’s identity and mission in something that it not even bigger than a person’s thumb.

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