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Golf Equipment from Tee to Green

When players hit their first shot in every hole, they bend over to set up the ball. Below the ball is probably one of the smallest golf equipment that has ever been invented-the tee.

Usually made of plastic or wood and should be at the most 4 inches in height help support the golf ball. When placed on the ground the tee’s height should vary and would be reliant on which club the player is using. Tees were used as early as 1889 and were redesigned throughout the years.

golfAnother piece of golf equipment players cannot do without during a game is the golf bag. It was used as early as the year 1900 and different types have been developed to suit any golfer’s style of play.

Then there are the golf carts, which are used by players if they are playing a long course. Golf bags, players and even caddies could be accommodated at the same time to be able to get to the ball faster and hit that next shot. Golf carts are not allowed on PGA Tour events and players are only allowed to walk.

There are also hand carts, which allow players to easily move around the course while their bags are being towed through hand carts.

Just in case players decide to play on a gloomy day and it starts to rain while they are on the course, the golf umbrella is the best golf equipment to keep them dry. Bigger than the usual umbrella that people use on the streets, it can keep both the players and their bags dry. When there is a downpour during professional tournaments, caddies usually hold the umbrella for the players before they take the shot or while they are lining up for a putt.

In connection with bad weather, players are only allowed to clean the ball on the green. Players always need to have a cleaning rug to wipe off the dirt and mud that has accumulated on the ball. This will give the player a better chance of the ball to roll smoothly into the cup.

Before a player is allowed to lift his ball to clean it, or set it up on the green, he has to place a ball marker on the exact position or right behind where the golf ball is located. It is another tiny piece of golf equipment that comes in handy most of the time. Upon returning the ball, he must position it first at the same spot where he picked it up then remove the marker. There are specially designed ball markers but coins are also acceptable to use.

The divot tool is used to fix points of impact of a golf ball to the green which happens usually during an approach shot. Repairing a divot will allow the grass to grow faster.

Club head covers are very visible nowadays among players. It helps avoid the clubs from bumping into each other and avoid scratches. Usually it is the driver, fairway woods and putter that need to be protected. Covers also keep the clubs weather proof at all times.

Another important tool for golfers is the score card.

golf gameIn order to keep track of how well their games are going they have to record it through the use of a score card. The good thing about it is that players could also keep track of their flight mates’ scores on their own score cards and vice versa.

Since there have been rulings on what golf shoes to wear in the past years, it has become an important part of a golf equipment. It used to be shoes with metal spikes underneath so it could penetrate the grass especially in wet conditions, but now some courses do not allow it anymore since it ruins the greens of the golf course. Players are now allowed to use plastic spikes or spike less golf shoes on the course. If still there is confusion you can visit rockbottomgolf.com.

Having a wide array of golf equipment while on the course assures the players that they could be flexible in any weather and at any given situation while on they are on the golf course.