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When You’re Thinking long island real estate, It’s in Dreamy Montauk

If you’re a fan of swimming, fishing and history, Montauk, New York has some of the best long island real estate you could ever imagine. Nesting in the east tip of the South Shore, the small town of Montauk is a tourist favorite for its homey restaurants, warm summers, and fresh fish. With approximately 1,000 families, Montauk is a cozy and lively town to settle down for the years to come. Or, you could build a new life here. Montauk has a lot to offer to everyone.

A rich history

Montauk has some of the richest history offered to interested individuals looking for long island real estate. Its name is derived from the Montaukett, a fishing tribe who resided in the area long before it was first explored in the 17th century. Booming with culture and long tales of epic battles, the Montaukett’s relics and settlement ruins are protected in the Theodore Roosevelt County Park, just a short drive east from the Montauk proper.

Due to its convenient location at the eastern tip of the south side of Long Island, Montauk became a booming port for foreign trade especially with the British in the 18th century. Trade was heavy as ships seeking to land on the New York Harbor had to pass by Montauk as they approached the Hudson River. Because of the strong winter winds at this time, ships looking to pass through to reach the New York harbor had difficulty maneuvering along the south shore at night. This prompted the construction of the Montauk Point Light, which was the first lighthouse to ever be built in the New York state. Up to now, the Montauk Point Light still stands tall on Turtle Hill, towering over the beach town. Residents and tourists regularly visit the site li-realestatefinder.com after having been converted into a historical museum.

Residents in Montauk as well as history buffs can take a walk through the town and soak up all the stories Montauk has to offer. In terms of the houses themselves, most homes are contemporary in built and mostly overlook the beach. But, interestingly, two hundred Leisure homes, the Andrew Geller-designed prefabricated houses, were installed in the 1960s at Culloden Point. These houses, while still overlooking the beach, give a warm sense of déjà vu with their classic 60s aesthetic.

Sweet living

montaukWhile Montauk has boomed into an exquisite vacation spot for tourists with an eye for fine waves and fine food, many of the Montauk’s traditional charms still exist. Be it high end restaurants with lobster rolls or hot homey meals served at quiet kitchens, take your pick. Montauk has got it all.

If you decide to move into some of the finest long island real estate in Montauk, whether close to nature or near the busy downtown, there are much to see and many to do nearby. Small-time movie theaters, drug stores, and restaurants are scattered across Montauk. Some of these go back a decade or two, and they garnish a soulful atmosphere to sunny town. If you’re into big buys and fancy eats, Montauk has them too. The diversity of choices is what draws many tourists to this side of Long Island.

For fun, if you’re a bit traditional, you could go boating off to the waters of Montauk and catch some fish. The town is notorious for its recreational fishing, boasting a wide list of records for saltwater fishing. If you’ve heard of “monster fishing,” Montauk is home to that. The people of Long Island know that life is at the beach and waters. If you’re the same, whether your pick is fishing, swimming, surfing, sailing or sunbathing, this is the place to be.

People who would rather interact with the marine life up close can opt to go scuba diving or snorkeling. June marks the start of diving season, and those interested can look at the various schools of fish in the Montauk waters until October. You could also see a variety of sand sharks, corals, lobsters and eels. Of course, the more adventurous folks might enjoy the thrill of shark cages.

Montauk also has six state parks for picnics, trekking, bird watching or other nature activities. Skiing is also available during winter.

Young or old, people from all walks of life could enjoy the sights, sounds, and activities found in Montauk. This is what makes it home to some of the best long island real estate. Whether you’re a fan of history, nature, sport or luxury, Montauk is a dream come true.